Friday, June 7, 2013


HIGH ON FIRE live at the 40th Street Warehouse in 1999.  I miss this spot, especially the Nicholas Noisegate era of the warehouse, and I guess I miss living a block away from such an awesome space.  Aside from all the great bands (I once saw Dystopia and Talk Is Poison play impromptu sets at a Melt Banana show there), I remember attending some killer art shows at the 40th Street Warehouse that featured work from a bunch of my friends at the time, not to mention all the other cool stuff that went down there on any given night, not just weekends.  Someone posted a photo recently on Facebook from the last show ever at 40th Street, and I remember that bill featured a bunch of bands that probably wouldn't have been allowed to play there during the space's heyday, so in a way that was the perfect send off for a venue that always a little unpredictable.

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