Monday, October 7, 2013


Ojorojo instrumental track from their split with Inflicted.  Ojorojo was an offshoot of a short lived band called Cancer Alley, that featured ex-members of Grimple, Econochrist, Animal Farm, and Multi Facet.  They released a full length on East Bay Menace in the late nineties, toured, contributed some tracks to the "Shit Gets Smashed" comp, and lastly there was the split with Inflicted.  The members of Ojorojo wasted little time before moving on to other projects.  Mark and Ira went on tour with a reformed Grimple, and then shortly after that we introduced Ira to our buddy Greg and those two went on to do a band called Brainoil with Nate Destroy.  Grant's new band was Talk Is Poison with Brian from Dead & Gone, Jim from Black Fork, and Will from Copout.  Jon went on to play in a band called Pig Iron with ex-members of Grinch and Fuckface.  Jenean was, for a very shot period of time, the lead screamer for Murder Takes No Holiday, which featured ex-members of Eldopa.  Ah, the East Bay in the late nineties.

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