Thursday, May 23, 2013


A throwback Thursday photo from 2008, taken at a BABYLAND show we booked at 924 Gilman in Berkeley.  We were not the first to book a Babyland show at Gilman, although unfortunately we were the last since the band broke up prior to an announced final show we'd set up for them in 2009.

If there was one thing that set most of the Babyland shows we did apart from the band's previous shows at the club, then it would have to be that we booked Babyland shows from the top down.  The bills and promotion were all about Babyland, from the posters to the club cards to the way we staffed and soundchecked the band.  Once we painted the entire club black, with the only hint of color being a blue Babyland logo on the wall behind the stage.  Eventually we made connections with bands and bookers from the industrial scene, and for a moment it seemed as if that scene might be able to establish itself at Gilman the way Babyland had a decade earlier, but after Babyland called it a day in 2009, it was as if those conversations had never taken place.

Babyland - "Dismissal" live at Gilman in 2007

Babyland poster from 2007

Babyland club cards from 2008 and 2009

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