Friday, May 3, 2013


How about a Flashback Friday post to help kick start a newer, more active phase of this blog, and the zine itself?  Here's an entire set of NO STATIK opening for RORSCHACH a couple of years ago (2011) at 924 Gilman in Berkeley, CA.

The RORSCHACH show was one of three shows that UGZ booked and promoted at Gilman in 2011 (along with YOB and POISON IDEA shows).  The profits from those shows equaled the amount of money the club made that year, which is a coincidence of course since there were other big shows booked that year by Max Montez and others, but without those three shows the club would've lost money in 2011, so we felt like we contributed a little something that year in spite of being mostly inactive in terms of booking and promoting.  Just as important as the money was the fact that we booked three awesome shows, all of them four band bills, and each one of them representing different musical styles and scenes within the greater scene.  Thanks to Dan Hashthrash for shooting and uploading this video to his Kill That Cat channel.

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